Award-Winning Disruptus

Are you yearning to be outrageously original And let your creative juices flow? If you answered yes to this question, then this is the game for you!

The game designed to open every mind

Disruptus Awards by Funnybone Toys

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Funnybone Toys – a world of products, toys and games, dedicated to creativity! Check out Cubu, Spectrix, Array, Funnybones Game, Juxtabo, Spectracube, and our most award-winning game of all – Disruptus.

Funnybone Toys and Games

Creators of Disruptus, Arazzles Under the Sea, Spectrix, Array, Funnybones, Anaxi, Spectracube, Spirot, Juxtabo, CUBU, and Melvin & Simon Collage Memory Game. And don’t forget Rolli the self-inking stamp rollers for fun and creativity!

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