disruptus_cover - Funnybone ToysWe are always interested to see how companies have integrated our Disruptus innovation game into employee and work interactions. We just received this testimony below from a large medical ultrasound company, and how they used it successfully with their experience design team:

My first experience with Disruptus was remotely playing with innovators from around the world during a session of #Innochat earlier this summer.  After one hour, I was hooked.  That afternoon I ordered the game from Amazon and by the weekend I’d introduced it to family and friends.  Following several rounds of play, I realized it might have benefits for my company.  So I ordered another and introduced it to the Experience Design Team at SonoSite.

Although it’s a recent addition to our team, below are some initial insights:

(1) It’s a potential tool we can utilize to spark unique idea generation.
(2) The ability to remotely play with virtual team members utilizing video conferencing technology can have a powerful impact on team cohesion.
(3) A little levity can free the mind.
(4) Giving permission to laugh at yourself isn’t a bad thing.

Also, here are a couple quotes from team members after their first experience:

“Rounds one and two, I was caught up in how to “win” the game – concentrating on how to interpret the rules and do the winningest design, etc.  Fortunately, the game’s invitation to have fun was pretty powerful.  I gave up worrying about the rules and decided to just go for what felt the most playful.”

“I learned something about my co-workers and their creativity and how their minds work that was fun and energizing.”

Eric F. Shaver, Ph.D.
Senior Human Factors Engineer
Experience Design Group