Funnybone Toys Launches Sister Company

Denver Confluence

City Park-based Funnybone Toys has launched Funnybone Muse, a sister company, to market rolling stamps

imported from Japan that have been branded as Rolli for the U.S. market.
“I went to Japan last summer,” says Funnybone Founder Julien Sharp. “I saw these amazing stamps with all of these different patterns, and they roll. I said, ‘I wonder if we could sell it here.'”
She worked with Denver design agency MATTER on branding and local band Champagne Charlie on a song for a promotional video (below) and began selling earlier Rolli this month. “It’s like taking Japan to Denver,” says
Sharp, with “a Denver band, a Denver designer, and a Denver company.”
Early signs are good for Rolli. “Our sales have been crazy,” says Sharp. “Everybody wants them.”
Individual Rolli stamps sell for $11.99. The line will expand from 10 to 20 patterns by March and custom designs are available for corporate clients and restaurants.
Sharp’s original company, Funnybone Toys, is on the cusp of launching its sixth game, Funnybones. “It’s the most complex one so far,” she says, “so we waited until the company was a bit more developed.”
Funnybones updates an ancient jacks-like game for a modern audience. “It’s our version of this 2,000-year-old game,” says Sharp. “It was played with bones.” Challenges “vary from very easy to very difficult,” she explains.
Shipping in Feb. 2014, Funnybones retails for $9.99 and is designed for ages six and up.
Sharp started Funnybone Toys in 2012 and today the company has over 50 sales reps and 700 retail accounts

Funnybone Muse Logo