Funnybones Game
Price $9.99
By Funnybone Toys
Age 6+
Top Toy

Funnybones is fast, breathtaking fun, a game of skill and manual dexterity in which players’
abilities quickly progress to dazzlingly competitive levels. It’s all about tossing, catching,
sweeping, and grabbing various combinations of five little colored playing pieces called bones.
Each challenge is prefaced by a move called jockeying off. The player whose turn it is tosses all
five bones in the air, flips his palm face down, and catches as many as possible on the back of the
throwing hand. Only those that fall to the floor have to be dealt with during the challenge, so the
jockey move is essential – the fewer you drop, the easier the challenge will be. There are 30 game
challenges in all, clever variations that involve tossing one or more bones in the air and picking
others up off the floor while those are airborne, then catching the ones you tossed – all with the
same hand! Players decide in advance the number and order of challenges that will be played.
The first to successfully complete them all wins. There’s technique, strategy, lightning moves,
occasional mayhem, and always, great fun.