The new emphasis on increasing students’ exposure to STEM — science, technology,
engineering, and mathematics — has resulted in a shift in the average child’s school day.
While it is commonly acknowledged that many American students are behind their peers in
these areas, research offers only conflicting insights on how to best develop STEM programs
to enhance student learning. But no research is really needed to understand that children
love to learn as long as what they are learning involves elements of fun.


There are hundreds of “educational” products on the market targeted towards a child’s brain development, but how can one be sure that they actually engage children while enhancing learning? Plus, many learning products target soft skills like teamwork or inter-personal abilities, not the challenging STEM material. The Academics’ Choice Awards were developed to help parents and educators quickly locate educational products that enhance learning development. A panel of experts culled from prestigious universities, including Harvard, Stanford, and George Washington evaluate commercially-available products to determine their education potential.


Funnybone Toys, known for its emphasis on brain-building fun, has now been lauded for two of its educational products, Disruptus
™ and Arrazzles™. “Though completely different products, we created both of them to inspire creativity and to help children develop skills that would help them succeed in school and in their chosen careers,” notes Funnybone Toys president, Julien Sharpe. “We especially gear our games toward inspiring kids to study and pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).”


Disruptus™ specifically addresses innovation — based on ideas, objects, and the unpredictable roll of the dice. Arrazzles™ involves the manipulation of geometric configurations: children will like the cool metallic colors on the cards that can be manipulated in a myriad of ways. Customers like the fun approach to learning that is incorporated with the bright colors and imaginative play.


Besides taking home the prestigious Academics’ Choice Awards, Funnybone Toys has also garnered kudos from a number of other child-centered companies, “…it was gratifying to see Disruptus awarded 2013 Party Game of the Year from Creative Child
and the Laugh Out Loud award from Tillywig Toy Reviews,” adds Sharpe. “Arrazzles was awarded the 2013 Building Toy of the Year from Creative Child and the Best Creative Fun award from Tillywig Toy Reviews.”


Fun, award-winning products that enhance STEM abilities give children an edge on life: