How about a building toy that won’t impale or cripple you if you happen to step
on a stray piece while damsel-carrying your 4-year-old up to bed?


With pieces that are big enough that they really can’t be crammed into an air
conditioner or flushed down the toilet?


Plus it’s fun (and safe) for kids of most ages?


With 2 boys who love to build and an adventurous (ahem) 4-year-0ld who loves
to test the limits of probability (we won’t catalog all the things she’s stuffed
where, but we will say that, yes, those are poker chips stuck in the air
conditioner—so much for my math manipulatives), Arrazzles seemed like a toy
made in heaven for this household and I was thrilled when Funnybone Toys
offered me the opportunity to review it.

Arrazzles are thick cards with a metallic laminated finish on both sides and slots
at regular intervals. If you look closely at the picture above, you’ll notice that the
cards are not all the same. There are five different colors and five different slot


What surprised me:


Arrazzles are very large and very sturdy. You don’t really get an accurate idea of
their size from the product info on the website (I really expected them to be
much smaller). Here’s a picture of my 9-year-old daughter building with them
so you can get an idea of size:

I was worried before I received them that I would need to keep them out of reach
of my 4-year-old, because…well…this child is very good at breaking things. And
losing them. She just likes to push things to their limit to see what will happen.

I didn’t think the cardboard would stand up to her superhuman strength.




Arrazzles are great even for young ones. It is probably possible for a determined
child to destroy them, but it really would take a concentrated effort. So far we
have had no Arrazzle casualties. And Em loves them.

One of them even stood up to being washed in the sink (don’t ask)—the edges
soaked up some water, but when it dried it was good as new.
I’m very impressed with the quality. Even the box is quite sturdy and will
probably hold up to my kids—unless one of them decides to use it as a step stool
(which, to be totally honest, could happen). Hey, that’s what plastic bags are for.


What do we love:

Arrazzles are fun to fiddle with. While there are suggestions for playing games
with them (like memory—the cards are a different color on each side), my kid
testers found that they were best straight out of the box without any instructions.
All 4 of my kids, both boys and girls ages 4, 8, 9, and 13, love them. Even my
9-year-old daughter who’s not so keen on building as a rule loves to explore
patterns with Arrazzles.

You get 45 cards in a set, which is enough for 2 kids to share and build 2 different
structures at the same time. 3 maybe…if the structures are pretty simple.
Interestingly, they seem to naturally gravitate towards creating symmetry with

You can also mix in other elements, like dowels or straws (think wheels—I’m
surprised my kids haven’t tried that yet, although they wouldn’t really roll
smoothly—the cards are 12-sided, so not quite circles).

The best part…Arrazzles are so easy to clean up and all fit neatly and snugly into
a small, cube-ish box that can go on a shelf.


This is definitely not the nightmare storage problem I currently have with my
sons’ collections of building bricks. There’s something to be said for simplicity


Overall, we highly recommend Arrazzles for kids about 4 and up.
Arrazzles are available from Funnybone Toys for $24.99.

Disclosure: I received a free set of Arrazzles from Funnybone Toys in order to facilitate this review.
I received no monetary compensation and this post contains no affiliate links. All opinions
expressed here are my own.