My poor executive functioning skills really stand out this time of the year. I can barely decide what to eat on a menu
and now I have to pick my favorite toys? If you follow Toys Are Tools then you know that I love everything reviewed
here. But no one has the money or space to buy everything available and so to support your thoughtful holiday shopping
this year, here is a list of things that have left a lasting impression on us.


Best Parenting Tool: Disruptus by Funnybone Toys
Ages: Box says 10+ but you can do with younger kids… possibly as young as seven. Younger kids have better and
more outrageous ideas. I love it!


Here’s a scary story from as recent as yesterday (11/24/13)! Tester #1 got a mild concussion a couple of days ago and I
decided to go back to hospital to see if he needed a CAT scan. But that’s not the scary part. Since my son had a
concussion, I didn’t want him to watch too much T.V. or play video games. I had only grabbed a few books and forgot
to pack games for him cuz you know… I have some good ones at home. So I decided to ask for some. And what do they
come back with? An X-Box Controller and dozens of XBOX games. No board games. No card games. When I
explained how we couldn’t have video games or T.V. they said they really didn’t have anything but Candy Land and a
deck of playing cards. They didn’t even have UNO.

Are you surprised? Maybe not. And that means you’re thinking what I’m thinking. This is how things are going these
days. It’s just the way it is. But we are in a healing institution, a teaching hospital that boasts cutting edge medicine.
What message is being given to my child here? We are state of the art and so we only offer you X-BOX? I can hear it
now, “Mom, why can’t I play X-BOX? Even the doctors gave me X-BOX!”


The point of my story is that when I play things like Disruptus, I am not only having tons of fun, I am also asking my
son to be observant, ask questions, acknowledge his own opinion, question the dysfunctional norms and most importantly,
challenge him to find a solution. Read my full review of Disruptus here.