Thank you to Funnybone Toys for providing our copy of Disruptus to facilitate this review.


Disruptus is a deceptively simple game from Funnybone Toys. The game consists of a timer, a die, and
a stack of cards (and instructions, of course). The idea behind it is to encourage “disruptive thinking.”
(We might call it “outside the box” thinking.)

Each card has an image on it. The images come in four different styles: photographs, icon-style
images, sketches, and some clean “vector”-looking images with white circular backgrounds. There is
no particular reason for the four specific types, I think; it just mixes things up and makes the game
more interesting to look at.

The purpose of the die is to tell you which type of disruptive thinking you need to employ during your
turn. There are four options. You can “improve” upon an object, “create” something new based on
elements from two cards, “transform” the item pictured by using it for a new purpose, or “disrupt”
your thinking entirely and come up with a completely new way to accomplish the same end. (Of
course you don’t have to put your new ideas into actual practice as part of the game – no one’s asking
for prototypes! – just think them up.) The final two sides of the die are “player’s choice” and “judge’s
choice,” which just mix up game play a bit.


My daughters love the idea of the game and raved about it before we ever even got a chance to sit
down and play! They like to go through the cards just for fun.

And one great thing about it is that you don’t really have to sit down and play a whole game. You can,
obviously! But you can just as easily pull out a card or pair of cards and just play a single “hand”
(either individually or together as a team). It makes for great dinner table conversation.
Also, because it’s largely image-based, the kids don’t necessarily have to read well to be able to play. If
you can explain the concepts, they can play. (Children are excellent creative thinkers!)


Disruptus would make a fantastic whole-family gift.