Finding just the right gift for your college student can be a challenge. You want something practical but fun; something
inexpensive but not cheap; something that connects with your student’s life but not in a way that seems ridiculous.
Fortunately, some of the staff at The College Parent Handbook put together a college student gift guide that we think can
work for many — if not nearly all — students. We’ve tried to include suggestions that are fun, practical, unique, useful, and
easy on the budget. Enjoy!


#1: Funnybone Games


These games offer new ideas and variations on old ideas. Each one is made of highquality
products, can be played in the small confines of a residence hall room or
apartment, and comes in a small box that won’t take up too much storage space. The
games will appeal to different kinds of students, so try to think about what kind of
brain your student has and find a game that fits. Our favorite: Array.