If you have a big kid on your list, try one of these options that will make them forgo the eye-roll for a smile.
The older kids get, the trickier they are to buy for. If they’re at that in-between phase where toys are too babyish but money
is too boring, try one of these engaging options.


Disruptus by Funnybone Toys


Opening young minds while they’re still pliable can be a really great thing, and with Disruptus, it can be really fun, too! This game, for one or more players ages 10 and older, starts with the roll of a die. One of four commands—create, improve, transform
or disrupt—dictates the next move. Flip over a card and do as the dice tells you: create a new object from two shown on the cards (ex. Rope and a motorcycle), improve the object that is on the cards, transform it, or disrupt it, which means to take an object
and come up with a new job for it. Simple yet creative is the name of the game.