The creative mind is capable of seeing things in surprisingly new and different ways. This innate
human ability is what Disruptus taps into, spurring us to new levels of innovation and creativity, with bouts
of silliness and hilarity erupting frequently along the way. Everything about Disruptus has a unique look
and feel. Its packaging, cards, die, and especially the instructions (part of which consists of a dialogue
between a cat and dog) are perfectly suited to a game whose purpose is turning your thinking sideways. Play
is simple: roll the die, flip a card, flip the timer, get busy innovating. Each card contains an image of an
object (headphones, flyswatter, skateboard . . .). Players look at images and follow whichever of the four innovation methods (Create 2, Improve, Transform, Disrupt) is face up on the die as they jot down their ideas with pencil and paper. The player
with the craziest, most innovative idea for modifying the objects (or, in some cases, achieving their purpose
differently) wins the round. The two remaining sides of the die, Judge’s Choice, and Player’s Choice, add
additional spice by allowing a player to pick which innovation method to use. There are several play
variations. The most common, with 3 or more players, has a rotating judge determining the round’s winner.