Name of Product:
Rolli Stamps from Funnybone Toys
Review of Product:
Funnybone Toys brings the art and good design to the forefront of
their games. They have now come out with some really cool stamps
called Rolli Stamps. Rolli Stamps are a continuous stamp that does
not require a stamp pad. They have 18 different stamps.
Rolli Hedgehogs Playing
Rolli Crazy for Cupcakes
Rolli Houses and Homes
Rolli Put A Ribbon On It
Rolli Meow Mail Cats
Rolli Counting Sheep
Rolli Lotsa Lace
Rolli Nesting Dolls
Rolli Needles Threads and Buttons
Rolli Teddy’s Photography
Rolli Shoes Shoes Shoes
Rolli Kitchen Crockery
Rolli Umbrellas & Rainbows
Rolli Train Travel
Rolli We Heart You
Rolli Cameras Airplanes and Suitcases
Sea Lion Shenanigans
I’m a big time crafter and I love to do crafts with my kids. These stamps are great for scrapbooking, cards, wrapping paper seriously the possibilities are endless!

I was sent several Rolli Stamps to review with my kids and we had a blast with them. They are easy for my kids to handle and the stamp very easily. You just place and roll it along the
paper you want stamped. They have a cute stamp on the outside so kids can easily recognize what stamp it is. I keep the stamps in a plastic pencil box to keep them organized and
when we are ready to craft I just grab the box and my kids are stamping.
It has a see-through cover for the stamp that is easy to remove and to put back on. One of my kids made me a cute Christmas card and even stamped the envelope with the Rolli Crazy for Cupcakes. Each Rolli can create up to 100 feet of continuous stamps. So are you ready to get creative? Head over to Funnybone Toys and check out these little stamps. I just love them. You can also find Funnybone Toys on Facebook and Twitter.
*Disclosure* The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by
monetary compensation