Product Review | Array
GC0DC | JANUARY 27, 2015
An Award-Winning Color Matching Game with a Twist
Get ready to play Array – the colorful party game for 2 to 5 people that can grow so big you may just have to play it on the floor! It’s a visually stunning card game that matches colors like dominoes, but with a twist: players can split the color connections and start new color arrays to use more of their cards and win the game. Connect the cards to build a beautiful array of colors and add a little splice and slice to make your array explode! Sound simple? Wait ’til someone tosses a Splatter or Slam card your way! You can play Array on a table, but for even more fun, play it on the floor and see how big your array can grow. Be that last person in the game by building the largest array of color!


  • Creative Child Magazine 2012 Game of the Year Award
  • Tillywig Toy Brain Child Award Family Review Center
  • Seal of Approval Mr. Dad Seal of Approval Review- “Array is both simple and complex at the same time. It’s a basic game
    of color matching with a fun dose of strategy involved as well” – SI

    Product Features

  • Splice, slice, splatter and SLAM your opponents right out of this colorful card game
  • Connect the cards in domino fashion to build a beautiful array of colors
  • Add a little splice and slice to make your array explode
  • But look out for a Splatter or Slam card tossed your way to disrupt your Array