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The time you spend with your child doing one-on-one activities is priceless, and I know as probably do you, that it’s often the little things that help shape our fondest memories. I had a grandma with a cabinet full of board games and puzzles, and we played at least one almost every time we were together. Many years later, I still remember that time spent very fondly.  She also had a round tin, which probably had cookies in it once upon a time. It had a great picture on the top, a rainy day walking scene, which is why, I suspect now, she kept it. It was what was inside the box that was the treasure though. It was filled with buttons. See, my grandma was a sewer and if you sew, you’ve gotta have buttons. 😉  She kept that tin stored up high, but every once in awhile she’d take it down and let me sort through, count, and organize them. Oh how I loved going through that button stash. 🙂

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Funnybone Toys understands it’s the little things that help make the happy memories, and on their website, you’ll find a whole array of items for playing or crafting that will help add elements of fun to your get together time with your little one.

One of the items they sell is a game called Arrazzles. Arrazzles is recommended for ages 4+, and is a multiple award-winning item. It challenges the builder to create anything they would like out of flat geometric shapes. Sounds simple, right? And it is…that’s the beauty of it. You can make the shapes be anything you want them to be.

Each card has one of five different patterns of slots which allows unlimited abstract building potential. They are made of stiff cardboard and covered in five different metallic colors. Each side has a different color and they are shiny too, so they reflect off of one another while you’re building. You can use the hole in the middle to add extras…like straw or string (or whatever else you might have around the house), to amp up the creativity factor, or you can build them as-is. This box is recommended for ages 4+. –

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