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Miniaturized Games Doesn’t Mean Miniaturized Fun

For a long time, “travel games” were always just smaller-sized versions of the real thing. Oftentimes, the quality and design were compromised. These three games below are compact and portable but they are also in their original size and their thoughtful design appeals to the senses, especially, the tactile. They will feel good in your hands and add that extra bit of luxury you need when you’re on a summer break.


Beautifully designed and compact, Spectracube is a game that includes many games.

Spectracube: ($21.99) Who doesn’t love dice? Who doesn’t love color? How about summer homework? Many parents feel guilty not making their children “work” by reading, doing worksheets, and playing “educational games” that are usually costly. Spectracube is also educational but it’s camouflaged in brilliant color and heavy dice that are cool to the touch. There are many games that can be played with these dice and handy instruction booklets and instruction cards are included. Like all Funnybone Games, these games sharpen skills in reading, speaking, working memory, and mathematical calculations leaving winners feeling brilliant and non-winners waiting impatiently for another chance for victory.