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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New York, NY: Specialty Toy & Game Manufacturer, Funnybone Toys LLC, introduces four new products to the market for 2016: Anaxi™, Spirot™, Melvin + Simon™, and Arrazzles® Under the Sea. Funnybone Toys has a history of producing toys & games that mix brain-stimulating game play with a designer’s aesthetic. And this approach has obviously been ahead of the 2016 trend discovered at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, namely the development of the “Design to Play” category.


Toys have become designer objects. The new toy trend “Design to Play” has produced toys that are so attractively designed, it is a pity to tidy them away.”

President Julien Sharp says, “I’m so proud of our design teams, who from inspiration to creation to production have done exactly what the Spielwarmesse (Toy Fair Nuremberg) editorial team believes is so important…”

Funnybone Toys’ products have won over 35 industry awards, and its most decorated game to date, 2015 release Juxtabo™ color stacking pattern game, was awarded top honors by Creative Child Magazine, winning both Game of the Year and Creative Play of the Year in 2015.

About Funnybone Toys:

Celebrating 5 years in business, Funnybone Toys™ makes games that use good design to stimulate creativity. They give your brain a workout – while you’re having so much fun you don’t even notice you’re learning!

Watch for their new games being released in 2016: Anaxi™, Spirot™, Arrazzles®-Under the Sea and Melvin+Simon™. They will be at the American International Toy Fair 2016, February 13-16, 2016 in New York City. Visit them at booth #5843 (in the Modern Design aisle, of course!).

Contact Julien Sharp, President at (toll free) 855-386-2663 or by email at; for more information.

All of the above items can be seen on our website. We have 4 products being produced for 2016:

Anaxi – a Venn-diagram-inspired game, where players connect words in surprising ways

Spirot – a pixel-art-inspired game of sequences

Arrazzles “Under the Sea” – it is the start of a new Arrazzles series, where the building cards show images of “under sea” life.

Melvin+Simon Collage Memory Game – a classic memory game featuring a quirky dog and cat, on cards that embrace the beautiful art of collage