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Class Brain Games Disruptus Review

Disruptus is a game for creators. Created by Funnybone Games, it took the Best ToyAward of 2013 from Good Housekeeping.

Good housekeeping award disruptus

Disruptus – Best Toy Award 2013,
Good Housekeeping

In the game there are cards with many everyday items that we’re familiar with and probably take for granted. Disruptus has us look at these items with fresh eyes. There may be a new use for an existing item, a new way to make an existing item in a better way, or something completely new and unique that can be created by combining multiple items.

Kids seem to be especially good at this, since they haven’t had years of people telling them they’re being silly, or that something can’t be done, so you might want to have at least one kid on your team.

Class Brain Games

Creative Whack Pack by Roger von Oeck

Play Disruptus if you’re a startup team looking for a new way to disrupt your market. This is also a great game for product designers, teachers, and pretty much anyone who is looking to create new products, company systems, games, or just have some fun creating something new. Pick a style of play, role the dice and see what you come up with. You may surprise yourself and create a groundbreaking new product.

I’m a member of the Inventors Forum, and I often bring the game to our “after meetings” as a way of limbering up our minds. It’s also a great icebreaker for members to learn more about each other and to look at existing problems they may be working on.

Years ago I bought a set of books called a Whack on the Side of the Head and a Kick in the Seat of the Pants. A few years later the author came out with a deck of cards called the Creative Whack Pack. Disruptus is similar to the Whack Pack in the way it makes you look at products and systems with fresh eyes and a new approach. Use both for some serious powerhouse creative mindstorming.








Class Brain Games Disruptus Review