Rolli Stamps: A fun way to roll and stamp!

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Our whole blog team had the privilege of being contacted by Funnybone Toys to try out some of their great products. MaryAnn did a review on their Arrazzles, and Tiff will be sharing a review next week. This week is my turn with Rolli Stamps!

When we were contacted by Funnybone Toys to do these reviews, I have to admit, I was totally excited. It’s so fun to try out new things. And I got to try out something crafty, which is always up my alley. One consideration Funnybone Toys had for my family was that my kids are still young, so they wanted me to be able to try something that wouldn’t be too difficult for them to understand how to use. These Rolli Stamps were great for just that!

Rolli Stamps are just that: stamps that roll. They don’t require any ink pads. Just paper and imagination. I particularly liked the cute little boxes they came in. If the packaging makes me smile, then I’m pretty sure I’m going to like the product. (I particularly like that they encouraged you not to use it on a resume, but these days, maybe it would help you stand out!)


And this product did not disappoint! The stamps were totally cute!


The boys did have to learn to hold the stamp completely flat against the paper before rolling, but after they got the hang of it, they were roller stamping machines!

rolli stamps

We just played with them this time, exploring all the different designs we were sent. I found it particularly fun to see how the design rolled all the way out. Each part of the roller is unique. Some created a miniature storyline of sorts. Others just made a long pattern.I could definitely see these being used for decorating cards and packages. It’s such a simple but fun way to add some character and color.

We got to try out nine fun designs, but part of me which we could have tried them all!

Rolli stamps

Be sure to check out Funnybone Toys for all their fun designs of Rolli Stamps. And check back next week for our final installment of our Funnybone Toy reviews.Thanks, Funnybone Toys!

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