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It’s rare that a word game is both educational for kids and wildly entertaining for adults. At least not without the requisite amount of beers, which makes Anaxi such a cool oddball. This competitive vocabulary lesson for family game night uses Venn diagrams — those things you kind of remember from a place you went to for 4 years. What was it called? Oh yeah; high school.

Fortunately, playing Anaxi is easier than Algebra II. The box comes with 75 word cards, each with adjectives like lumpy, square, green, etc., as well as 2 base cards and a timer. One person picks 3 color-coded word cards and puts them together on the base. Start the timer and write down as many people, places, or things (or as English majors call them, nouns) that share those overlapping qualities. For example, Brown + Furry + Hilarious = Alf. If someone else said Alf (as they’re likely to do) the person who wrote down a unique answer like “a UPS truck driven by Zach Galifianakis” get a higher score.

Anaxi Game By Funnybone Toys

As with all good games designed for kids 8-and-up that use fancy math/logic diagrams, the more smart-ass the answers, the more likely you are to dominate. Play continues for 5 rounds and whomever possesses the strongest vocabulary wins. It’s probably going to be the person who uses whomever.

Source: https://www.fatherly.com/toys-and-books/anaxi-word-game/