Download Spirot Anaxi and Juxtabo games by Funnybone Toys

Spirot Anaxi and Juxtabo games by Funnybone Toys

Spirot Anaxi and Juxtabo games by Funnybone Toys

We create innovative, unique games with a story to tell. For every game in our small collection, we can pinpoint an everyday object or image that served as the inspiration for each game.

Three of our most popular games – Spirot, Anaxi, and Juxtabo – are no exception.

Spirot (pronounced like “spirit”) is an art sequencing game with a dash of pixels and a splash of color. Spirot is a fast paced card game where players take turns to build 3-card sequences based on color and pattern combinations. A sequence consists of three cards in a row that have one of four particular combinations. Each successful pattern wins the player a point, and the first player with five points wins. Spirot requires a combination of thinking skills and luck, as well as a sharp eye.

The inspiration for Spirot came from a magical trip we took to Japan. There was a “popup” museum in Tokyo while we were there, and one of the exhibits allowed you to step in front of a video camera and see your image on the wall. The closer you got, the more “pixelated” the image became. It was amazing! We started thinking of pixelated objects, and that art element became the focus of the game.

Anaxi is game that connects words in surprising ways. Players draw three Word Cards and place them on the Base Card so the cards overlap in a Venn diagram. Players work at the same time and have one minute to write down as many people, places or things that have overlapping qualities. Players with original and unique answers score points.

Concentric circles and Venn diagrams are the inspiration for this game, along with the work of three great thinkers: The game is named after the Greek Philosopher Anaximander, who wrote about how only indefinite and boundless things are capable of becoming other things. This is how we view the combinations of the qualities on the Anaxi cards —intersecting one with another can give rise to many things only limited by the imagination. Anaxi is also inspired by the work of John Venn—a British philosopher—who devised the Venn diagram to show the intersection of sets. John Locke—another British philosopher—described groups of ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ qualities. This work helped us choose the words used on the Anaxi cards.

Juxtabo is considered a “light strategy” game for lovers of chess, checkers and puzzle games; players stack 2-colored pieces on top of each other to create patterns shown on cards. Once players make a pattern, they keep that card, and the player with the most cards completed at the end of the game is the winner.

The inspiration for the primary components in Juxtabo – the 2-colored round playing pieces – came from macaroon cookies – the multicolored, French version of the popular confection. It’s really fun to create this way…to think about how we were so fascinated by the colors in a tray of macaroons, and started thinking of how we could incorporate that colorful element into pieces of a game. We literally built the game around the pieces, making small tweaks to their design as we play tested.

We are a small business…created, self-funded and managed by two women, still an underrepresented – but mighty! – segment of the maker/entrepreneurship community in tabletop gaming. Thank you for reading our story.