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Disruptus by Funnybone Toys

Disruptus Game

Why We Like It:  Disruptus encourages out-of-the-box creative thinking — the ideal of brainstorming — and can be a great warm-up activities in schools and work. The roll of the die instructs players to create something entirely new from the objects on their cards. The cards are high quality material with unusual illustrations. The game requires no reading and flexibility in rules to make it appropriate for a broad audience. Develops: Abstract Reasoning,Expressive LanguageFlexible Thinking, Spatial Perception

Considerations: This game might not be the best choice on nights when you are looking for a simple, easy-going game, as it requires the appropriate environment to elicit the most creative and authentic responses from everyone, which is the way the game becomes most fun. Might require an adult children judge to ensure comments are constructive and everyone feels comfortable speaking freely since there should be no “wrong” answers. Extra adult support suggested for students with weaker:Abstract ReasoningAttention, Processing SpeedSelf-Monitoring

Mindprint Recommended Age Range: 9 to Adult

Interests: Good for Teachers/Homeschoolers, Make-BelieveVisual Puzzles,ScienceChallenges for Gifted Learners