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If you have young kids, but still do Family Game Night, you need to check out these two games. Arrazzles: Under the Sea and Melvin + Simon by Funnybone Toys are great games for kids four and up.

Melvin + Simon is super fun! It’s a matching game that really tickles the funnybone! Each card set is unique and fun to stare at. There are wild west, rock star, playing jazz and many other cool themes in these colorful cards. This matching game is fun, but a little difficult for my daughter. (She’s four.) I think the colors may make the detail a little harder for her to remember. To me, this is a GOOD thing, as she has to try to heighten her focus level to win the game.

Arrazzles Under the Sea features a bunch of marine life and is very colorful. This Funnybone Toys game is a great way to teach about sea life and allows your kid to build in 3D. Finally, a 3D building game, that doesn’t hurt to step on! This is super fun for the kids as you can make multiple designs and truly enjoy it. You can even arrange them in 2D to form some brilliant art work if your kid has issues with the slots.

Funnybone Toys Games are Affordable!

If you are planning on buying the matching game, a portion of the proceeds from the gameMelvin + Simon are donated to the ASPCA and other organizations that help animals in need. The game currently costs $16.99. Arrazzles Under the Sea is the first in a new series of building toys modeled after the original Arrazzles, the multi-award winning, art-inspired building toy, launched by Funnybone Toys in 2013. The toy currently costs $19.99 and allows for hours of fun.