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Rolli : Making Your Stationery Prettier with Ease

Do you make homemade invitations or maybe your own stationary? Rolli Stamps are pretty darn awesome for helping you out in designing your own custom cards. They’re also amazing for kids.

Rollis are so easy to use, it’s crazy. You just roll and the stamps go. They have various pictures and some are scenes, that roll as you go. There’s no ink pad and no mess. I received four different Rolli Stamps and each are unique in there own ways. The cupcakes have different styles and make a nice party design.

Have you been traveling? Oh my gosh, you’ll love the cute traveling dogs. This one has a dog with luggage and comes in a purplish-blue. The hedgehogs are on a roll throughout their Rolli Stamp and are having loads of fun being playful. The traveling train is also pretty awesome in it’s own way. It has stars, mountains, a plane, rainbow and train on it’s rolling stamp. It’s actually quite beautiful. I would love the scenery.

Rolli Stamps has a variety of designs!

Each one only comes in one color, I hope they expand each design to come in various colors as they do designs. They’re great fun for kids in any art project, and mess free. Rolli Stamps create awesome borders and dividing lines while making an invitation or stationary as well. They have flowers, lace, hearts, ribbons, sea lions, penguins and many more. I think you will find one that suits your needs and personality. I cannot wait to see what other designs they come out with!