OMG-GOODIES Spectracube Review



by Halley Whitney

Spectracube by Funnybone Toy’s, has several game options and there is one for everybody to enjoy! These games are sure to give you a brain workout.

Spectracube reviewSpectracubes by Funnybone Toys

Funnybone Toys has a wonderful selection of  beautiful and educational games. One of these games is Spectracube. The cubes have an array of colors from primary to pastels. With Spectracubes, by Funnybone Toys, you have endless possibilities for playing and learning together with your child. I’m excited to tell you about it here on OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts about Spectracube by Funnybone Toys –

My first reaction to the physical appearance of the game was amazement! Spectracube is sturdy! The box is built to last and the dice are well-weighted with rounded edges. The cards are printed on heavy card stock and the dice bag is made from durable material. Perfect for a home with little children.

We really enjoy playing with Spectracube.  They include games for 2-4 people for ages 6+. The box comes with 15 primary color cubes, 15 secondary cubes, a carrying bag, a spectrum (scoring) card, a rules booklet, and games at-a-glance cards.

My husband and I played all the Spectracube games and enjoyed every one of them! There were a few we enjoyed more than others — we all have favorites.

The rules booklet contains rules and examples for six games.

  • Spectacular Shuffle
  • Greedy Grab
  • You Score
  • Blotch Out
  • Rummy Roll
  • Spectra-Slam
  • Spectacular Shuffle

My four year old enjoys playing Spectacular Shuffle. It uses the concepts of matching colors into pairs, 3-of-a-kind, or straights. He struggled with it at times, but with a little help, he had a blast!

You Score

We love the You Score game!  In this game, different colored cubes, sets, or straights represent a certain number of points. To get on the scoreboard you have to score 500 points. The cubes are worth a pretty high number of points, and considering that you have 6 cubes each, you might think it easy to score your 500 points fast. Think again! Between my husband and myself there was a lot of “Oh man!” and “Almost!”  before we scored our 500.

After you make it on the board, you can start scoring! If you don’t score any points on your first roll your turn is over. If you do score points you have a chance to roll again for more points. It can be risky; if you don’t score any points on the second roll, you lose all of your previous points. We love the risk involved.

Greedy Grab

The second game we enjoy is the Greedy Grab. My husband loves this game! He is much faster, which means it quickly became competitive.

Start by placing a certain number of Spectracube in the center of the table. Each player gets two Spectracubes of their own. Roll the center cubes to get your base colors, then roll your own cubes. If your cubes match any of the center cubes, act fast! Grab your matches before anyone else and roll again to make new matches. This game moves fast. You have to stay on your toes to win.

Spectracube can also be used in other ways. With my 18-month-old, under close supervision, we have been working on color sorting. She doesn’t understand just yet, but she’s being exposed to color in a different way and she loves it.

I would suggest this game to anyone, especially those with children learning colors.