The Anaxi Card Game by Funnybone Toys is a great way to  encourage you and your child’s creativity with words!

Funnybone Toys has such a wonderful selection of fun and educational games. The Anaxi Card Game is a word game where players make hilarious word connections. My friends and I had a blast playing this game. OMG Goodies’ readers are going to love hearing about our experiences.

My Thoughts about -Anaxi Card Game by Funnybone Toys

A good friend of mine and her teenage daughters came over and we played Anaxi Card Game by FunnyBone Toys together. We had an absolute blast playing this game! We could not stop giggling at all the funny and clever word connections that we made.

First, let’s talk about what comes in the box. The box includes 75 word cards in three different colors, two base cards, a one-minute timer, an answer pad, and full-color rules. I especially like how the cards are made of sturdy plastic, which is always good in a home with children.

There are three different sets of Anaxi cards separated into three colors, red, orange, and blue. If you can’t see color, have no fear, the solid line, dashes, and dots make it simple to tell them apart. Before the round, be sure to shuffle each deck of cards thoroughly. Draw one card from each pile and overlap them on the base card.

omg-anaxi2Each player works at the same time to list as many people, places, or things with overlapping qualities. Players with original answers score points. If two players have the same answer in the same overlap it doesn’t count. The numbers on the base card (1,2,3, and 4) correspond to the columns on your answer sheet. I’ve placed an example here so you might better understand.

As you can see, column one has the same answers. This point does not count. The rest of the answers were original so they count! There’s a little shout out to all the Harry Potter fans out there.

We truly had a great time playing this game. I would absolutely recomend this game to anyone who likes a little challenge with a lot of fun!