Are you often by yourself but still want to play a game?  Do you have small kids? Look no further than the game called Juxtabo!


Juxtabo from Funnybone Toys is a fun an innovative game your whole family can play!  Easy enough for a 5-year-old and engaging enough for an adult, you won’t want to stop playing!  I would love to share my thoughts with you on OMG Goodies!  We are also hosting a giveaway starting Augst 25th and ending September 5th!

My Thoughts About Juxtabo by Funnybone Toys

When I first received the Juxtabo box I was so excited to pull everything out.  Here’s what comes in the box: 126 Juxtabo pieces in a drawstring bag, 125 challenge cards, 1 timer, 8 card holders, and a full-color rules booklet.  The instructions are fairly easy to follow and you will be playing this game in no time!

You get to make your own board by randomly picking pieces and make a 5X5 square.  I let one of my kids draw 2 cards.  The other counts out the 7 pieces we will need to make the patterns on the cards.

The chips have two sides with one color on each side and you stack the pieces color to color. For example, if you want to switch a green piece of the board to yellow you find a green piece and yellow piece and place it with the green side facing the other green piece.  If you can’t find one piece for transition, you can stack the pieces color to color until you have the correct color on top.  You can do that all in one turn by placing several down at the same time.  Another way is to place one piece down per card and wait until your next turn to place the others.

The great thing about Juxtabo is:

Juxtabo is a game you can play all on your own with no other players.  If you want to make it competitive you can play with friends or family.  It’s all up to you whether you want to play by yourself or if you want to play with others.

Because I am a single mom and my kids are 5 and under, it is important for me to get games that I can play with my kids.  Although it says 6 and above, my 5 year old is really good at this game.  This is a great game to help teach him how to recognize and make patterns.  With just a little practice, he is already recognizing patterns at a quicker pace.

When I am not playing this game with my kids, I play it by myself.  Trying to make it through the whole deck of cards is definitely a challenge even when you are just on your own.  As the towers get higher from stacking the colors you find it harder to keep the towers from falling over.  I haven’t used the timer yet, but hope to get to that point soon so I can recognize the patterns quicker.  I imagine using the timer with other players would make the game more challenging and more fun!

If you love chess, checkers, and puzzle games you will love this game as well!  Challenge your kids by having them help.  Even my 3 year old can help by counting out pieces and picking out cards!

Funnybone Toys is giving away Juxtabo!  Enter below for a chance to win!  The giveaway starts August 25th and ends September 5th.  There are options to enter every day so the sooner you start, the better chance you have to win!