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“Whatcha’ got there in the box?” you might be asking me. 🙂 Well, I’ll tell ya! It’s an awesome memory game called Melvin & Simon from Funnybone Toys.


I like this game because the cards are not teeny tiny like they are in your typical matching game, they are literally as big as the box they come in. I also like that Melvin  (the cat) and Simon (the dog) are up to some pretty fun antics on these cards, like Scuba Diving for one…as you can see in the picture above. How silly! And that’s just the point. 🙂 These cards will make you and your little one giggle, and they’re a fun way to get in some quality family time, not to mention…Simon and Melvin are pretty daggone cute.

I have played memory/matching games with all four of my kids, and now I’ve got this set to play with my grandbaby. This kind of one-on-one play is the things memories are made of…at least they are for me. I remember my gram always taking the time out to spend undivided attention with me. I strive to do the same with the time I get with my granddaughter too…and I hope one day she’ll remember those times fondly. Passing along the tradition of game time being family time too is a great thing to do. 🙂

This is just one of many unique games you’ll find over at Funnybone Toys! Learn more by visitin