omggoodies-juxtabo-1by Kameo Monson


Juxtabo, a matching game, stretches your ability to recognize patterns and your strategic thinking skills. Find and match your pattern in under a minute!


Several of the Funnybone Toys games have been showcased on OMG Goodies in the past several weeks. In fact, Lacy, another OMG Goodies reviewer, posted her thoughts on Juxtabo.  Now it is my turn! OMG Goodies’ readers may question why both of us have reviewed the same game.  The simple answer — Why not! This fun game requires players to think and to stretch their abilities. Children may outsmart their parents — something every parent desires their children to do!

My Thoughts on Juxtabo by Funnybone Toys:

This matching game is a color and pattern matching game. The object of the game is to get more pattern cards than the other players. The game comes with round tiles with one color on each side. Think of a reversible playing piece. It also contains cards with pictures of different patterns that can be copied using the tiles. Each pattern made will be two dimensional, though the playing area or ‘board’ is three dimensional. You can play the game using the cards with the 3-piece patterns or the cards with 4-piece patterns.

How to Play This Matching Game:

Players will design a 5 tile x 5 tile playing area. Players draw 7 tiles each and are dealt 2 pattern cards, which can be placed in the included card holders. When it is your turn to play, try to create a pattern found on your pattern cards by stacking matching color tiles to tiles with the same color already on the board.  The color you need to create a matching pattern should be facing up. You must play at least two tiles — so if you can’t play what you need, play two that you don’t.

You can play as many tiles as you want.  Better yet, you can stack the tiles until you have the color you need is facing up. If at any time during the game a player sees one of their patterns on the board, they can say, “Juxtabo” and collect the pattern card. The instructions say to use the 1-minute timer for each player’s turn. The game is just as much fun without the timer, especially with younger players. At the end of each player’s turn, the player redraws the necessary tiles until they have replenished their seven.

Win the game by having the most pattern cards. The game ends when all the pattern cards have been used or the number of desired rounds are completed.


Can you see where I managed to finish two patterns with one turn?

How is this educational:

Funnybone Toys manufactures games and toys for more than entertainment.  They believe we can have fun and learn at the same time.  Of course we can, and Juxtabo is a great way to do it!


Children usually start learning about patterns from the day they are born. They are capable of recognizing patterns in schedules, food, toys, and TV shows.  By playing this game, adults help children recognize how they are recognizing patterns and teach them how to recognize them better!

Patterns of color and shapes become visible as the tiles are laid on the board. The color and the shape found on the pattern cards must be the same on the board. This helps children develop skills they will need not only in math but also in art.  They are also taught to look at a pattern as being  both one-directional and multi-directional too. Remember, the pattern can be found turned in any direction the card can turn and it will not be seen on a flat surface.

Figure-Ground Perception:

Figure-ground perception means having the ability to focus on a specific piece of information in a busy background.  When you are looking for a pattern in a sea of other patterns you are performing a figure-ground activity.  Occupational therapists help children who struggle with visual noise by using such activities. Children with Autism and visual sensory difficulties often benefit from such activities.  People who cannot find the pencil in the junk drawer also benefit.

Round tiles in various colors fill the playing board. Looking at the board, players decipher patterns in the figure-ground to determine whether their pattern is visible or needs to be created.

Strategic Thinking Skills:

Strategic thinking skills are necessary for more than Dungeons and Dragons and the military. We rely on strategic thinking on a daily basis without realizing it. In an effort to finish everything on a to-do list, it is common to plan a schedule for the day. Students benefit from strategic thinking when planning projects, getting homework done, and studying for tests.

Juxtabo requires players to think quickly about how to get their pattern on the board.  They will need to determine if part of the pattern already exists, if it will be better to create the entire pattern, or if they will have several stacks of tiles in order to get their pattern on the board. They will also be strategically planning the best way to look for their patterns while other players are taking their turns.

Other thoughts:

Juxtabo is a great game to help kids learn their patterns, but there is so much more you can do with it.

Adults can benefit by playing the matching game alone. Play the simple game during downtime when you want to focus on more than the commentary running through your head.  It gives you the opportunity to sit down, listen to music, and take the time to let your mind seem to relax while actually exercising it in ways you may not otherwise do.

My girls and I enjoy playing Juxtabo.  I have noticed my girls pulling it out to play with friends more than once.  It is a relief to see them playing an educational game instead of watching mindless TV or playing video games with less educational value.

Game lovers, this is a matching game you should add to your game collection.  It will be one you and your family will enjoy — whether playing  individually or together!