Take the words cold, hard, flat and name items they describe in less than a minute. Your family game night becomes a whole lot funner with Funnybone Toys’ newest word game, Anaxi!

Funnybone Toys creates fantastic games for people both young and old. They understand that games aren’t just fun, they are educational too!  Anaxi provides word game enthusiasts with adjectives and asks the players to produce nouns all within a single minute.  Gaming families, this review is for you on OMG Goodies!

My Thoughts About The New Word Game Anaxi:

Anaxi is the perfect word game to help increase your adjective vocabulary. You’ll find your mind thinking about people, places, and things in ways you never did before playing Anaxi. Yet, in this word game, if the description fits, the nouns ‘wear it’!

Anaxi is a non-traditional card game.  It is so non-traditional, the cards are transparent and made of circular plastic. Included with the game are 3 differently colored cards stacks, 2 base cards (one as a replacement), a single playing pad, and a one-minute, hourglass timer. The goal of the game is to write down as many nouns as possible without doubling one of the other player’s answers.

photogrid_1474080854331-600x574The Base Card

The round base card has a triquetra symbol with the numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4 written inside the symbol. Charmed fans are already familiar with what a triquetra looks like, if you are not, look at the picture below.

The sections outside of the triquetra are colored blue, red, and yellow. The colors tell you where to place the playing cards.

photogrid_1474081279779-600x338The Playing Cards

Funnybone Toys ensured everyone who reads can play this game (recommended ages 8 and up). If you can’t see the colors simply match the dots and lines on the base card with the dots and lines on the colored cards.  Color-blind people, this word game is still an option for you!

One card from each set of playing cards is placed on the base card by matching the colors or dots and lines. Until it looks like the picture below.


Playing the round:

Each player has a sheet from the playing pad to record their answers. Now everyone is ready to play the game,  at least we hope so! A player will turn over the timer and everyone begins to scribble down as many answers as they can.  The fun part? Players must record their answers in the correct column.

Be sure to look at out virtual playing board above for reference.

Column one: record nouns that are described by Cuddly and Rough:

Hedgehog, Mila (my dog who has wiry fur).

Column two: record nouns that are described by Rough and Simple:

Rock, Log, My legs

Column three: record nouns that are described by Simple and Cuddly:

Blanket, pillow, Mary

Column four: record nouns that are described by all three words: Cuddly, Rough, and Simple:

(We can’t use Hedgehog or Mila again because we can’t double our own answers. . . )

Homespun Wool Scarf


When the minute is over, players compare their answers.  If any players have matching answers they receive no points for those answers.  Unique answers in columns 1, 2, and 3 receive one point each. Unique answers in column 4 are worth three points each. Points are never deducted. The player with the most points at the end of round 5 wins.  Of course, the players can always decide to play more or less rounds.

 My experience playing the Anaxi Word Game:

My daughter and I enjoy playing Anaxi together. Interestingly, we have yet to have any of our nouns match! I have disqualified a few of her answers, and she didn’t like it when I tried to claim a football as a triangle. Still, our answers remain different through most games. That said, I am dying to play Anaxi with a friend of mine who is definitely creative and will easily out-word me. I cannot wait to hear her answers!  Some of our answers may even double — making the game even more thrilling!

Educational Value:

I write a lot of reviews for games and toys that strengthen hand-eye coordination and foreground perception.  Several of the reviews deal with sensory needs. Anaxi is different. It doesn’t help any of those areas. It does, however, help learn how to use adjectives.

As a young student, my writing assignments would come back marked, “Use descriptive words more.” Adjectives. Adjectives like beautiful, colorful, miserable, excited, happy, sad, were my usual go-to words. Consequently, it’s that way for many students.

We forget, even as adults, all the other adjectives we can use.  Why say, “It was cold and really dark that night,” when we could say, “The darkness overpowered senses as the icy cold enveloped the [woods] right down to its very soul that night”? It may be that our vocabularies have not stretched enough to find the words resting on the tips of our tongues. The Anaxi word game gives you adjectives to use. Soon you and your children will be looking at people, places, and things, and their descriptions (adjectives) in a whole new light. You can work on spelling when you play Scrabble . . .

Connect with Funnybone Toys:

Anaxi has won several awards in a short time. The awards include:

Creative Child: 2016 Game of the Year Award
Tillywig Award:  Best Family Fun
Marriah Media: Gold Medal Award
Santa’s Choice: Winner

Purchase your Anaxi word game and other great games by visiting the Funnybone Toys website!

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