Melvin and Simon Collage Memory Game Review by Amanda Hopkins


The classic game of memory has been reinvented! Funnybone Toys has taken this classic game and added in collage art to make a great game even better.

Melvin the cat and Simon the dog take us on an adventure through collage art as we play this fun game. There are 24 different pairs of collage cards while we play memory together. This game is recommended for ages 4 through 99 years old. This is a great recommendation because everyone in this house loved this game!

Melvin and Simon appear on every card dressed up and ready to be a part of the collage theme. The colors are bright and eye catching. With 24 different pairs, you have the chance to play numerous different games. We simple picked the number of pairs we wanted to play each time. This would depend on the age and skill level of the players. Little Miss (5 years old) would play with 5-8 pairs, while Moe Man (16 years old) would pick to do 12 or more pairs at a time.

We loved using this cards as a great conversation starter among the kids. Things like, hey did you see Melvin’s necklace on the dress up card, or Simon looked awesome in the cowboy hat in the Wild West, became a normal part of the game. I loved the amount of describing words we could come up with for each pair. There was never a dull moment while playing this memory game.

Do you love memory? Do you love to admire art collage? This is a great game to have on your shelf and include in family game night!


-Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, October, 2016