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I am always looking for new games to try out with the kids. A few companies recently sent complimentary games to try. I thought several would be perfect family games for most any location. All opinions are my own based on trying these on our family game nights.

Family game night can happen any where. So whether you are looking for an easy game to play while camping, at home on family game night, or in the backyard, we have a few family games for you to try.

We liked these games so much, we are hosting a Family Game Night Giveaway where you can win one of each of these games listed. More on that in a minute. First, let me tell you about these games.

Juxtabo Strategy Game from Funnybone Toys

Forget playing chess or checkers in the park, play Juxtabo instead. This strategy game  has players looking to create specific color combinations that match their Challenge Cards. Since game tokens are dual sided, you can use strategy to figure out how to stack and get the color you need to create the match and win the card.

Object of the Game: Place your game pieces on the board to create as many Challenge Card color combinations as possible.

Game includes: 125 Challenge Cards, 126 Juxtabo playing pieces and carry bag, 8 card holders, 1 minute timer, and rules booklet.

This 2-4 player game starts by constructing a game board with Juxtabo pieces. You can create a 4×4, 5×5, or 6×6 grid with random colors. Each player gets 7 Juxtabo pieces and 2 Challenge Cards to start. The rules booklet offers several different forms or game play and suggestions for different games ranging in difficulty. But the basic version has players place their game pieces on the board to create a matching color combination to a Challenge Card in their hand. Each player continues play until they can no longer create a match and then play passes to the next player. At the end of the game, the player with the most completed cards wins.

Price: $29.99

About Funnybone Toys:

Celebrating 6 years in business, Funnybone Toy® makes art-inspired games, toys and gifts that use good design to stimulate creativity. They will be at the North American International Toy Fair, February 18-21, 2017 in New York City. Visit them at booth #6248 (in the Modern Design aisle, of course!).

Contact Julien Sharp, President at (toll free) 855-386-2663 or by email at; for more information.