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Anaxi GameDescription:

During a round, draw 3 Anaxi Word Cards and overlap them. All players work at the same time and have 1 minute to write down as many people, places or things that share overlapping qualities. Players with original and unique answers score points.


Anaxi takes the term “word game” up a notch to a whole new level. One that I love, I might add. Rather than merely making words from a set of letters, Anaxi has you form words that are related by a new series of common factors. You then not only have to think of words to use within those confines, but you must think of ones that your opponents do not, for them to count. Ouch! Don’t let the timer scare you though … well,m okay, maybe let it intimidate you just a little .. you know it will! And, it should! So hurry up now and think! Think hard and think fast. This is a great game for two or more players. Watch the video above to get a little feel for it. We find it to be a whole lot of fun and I think you will enjoy it too. Nice BONUS is, you are not graded on your spelling! …. ENJOY!


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