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Our story of challenging games combine both fun and design to stimulate creativity and give players’ brains a workout. As an added bonus, younger players will develop a deep appreciation of color and develop a relationship with the different forms of art that exist in the world, while having so much fun they won’t even realize they are learning.

Funnybone Toys® makes games that use good design to stimulate creativity. Ranging from light strategy games, word games, and card games, our games are designed to encourage family fun, with several titles suitable for parties and game nights.
In addition to best sellers Juxtabo® (2015), Disruptus® (2013) and Spectrix® (2012), we are proud to have released four new products in 2016: Anaxi™, Spirot™, Arrazzles®-Under the Sea and Melvin+Simon™.

Funnybone Toys and gamesFunnybone Toys and Games
Creators of Disruptus, Arazzles Under the Sea, Spectrix, Array, Funnybones, Anaxi, Spectracube, Spirot, Juxtabo, CUBU, and Melvin & Simon Collage Memory Game.

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