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Array is a game where players compete to place the highest number of multi color cards into connecting patterns. Special slice and splice moves enable more cards to be played in each turn.
Action cards allow players to shake up the game by following instructions to Splatter and Slam their opponents (to give more cards & points)

Game definitions:
ARRAY: the individual patterns created during the game where cards are touching each other
SPLICE: to match a color and therefore add a card to the array. There are 2 possible levels to the splice moves:
Splice 1 and Splice 2
SLICE: to separate two matching and touching colors and therefore create two separate arrays from the original array.
SLICE AND SPLICE: to separate two matching and touching colors, create two arrays from the original array, and add new cards to the two separate arrays.
This special move allows the player to double the number of opportunities to place down more cards
SPLATTER: to use an action card that causes opponents to pick up a specific number of cards
SLAM: to use an action card that gives an opponent 10 additional points.

Connect the cards to build a beautiful array of colors.

Add a little splice and slice to make the array explode! Sound simple? Wait till someone tosses a Splatter or SLAM card your way!
You can play on a table – but for even more fun, play it on the floor and see how big your array can grow! Be the last person in the game by building the largest of any color you can.

70 Array cards

12 Action cards

Illustrated rules

Array Game awards

Array on Board Game Geek
Array consists of 70 colored cards (with 2-4 colors per card) and 12 special actions cards. Your goal? Get rid of your cards before anyone else. To start the game, each player has a number of cards and a starter card is laid out on the table. Connect new colored cards to existing ones to create an array of colors across the table – or slam opponents with special cards that force them to draw additional cards.